Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And so it continues

Ok, it's been a while since this blog was updated. It was originally associated with Purify, but I've moved the original entries over to this new location where they're going to stay from now on.

A lot has happened since the beginning of June. Praetor Sarum, the CEO of Purify, resigned from his position and left the corp. I was interested in stepping up as CEO to replace him, but the board of directors chose someone else, as was their right. I was still new and inexperienced in the ways of EVE. My next step was to follow Praetor as he started a new corp, and work with him on building it. However, after talking it over with him and finding that he didn't know when he was likely to start a new corp, I decided to start my own.

It took a few weeks to happen, because I had to train up a number of corp administration skills before I could create it. And then there was the name of it. What to call it? I went through a LOT of names. In the end, it came down to BLACK SCORPION LTD. It reflects the Black in my name, and the Scorpion comes from what I believe is a very intimidating creature with a powerful sting. Ultimately, that's the type of presence I want the corp to have in EVE.

So I set up the corp, built the website, and then started recruiting. At this stage I have one member, but two others are interested in joining. I'm looking forward to a slow but effective growth, with the corp comprised of pilots that are interested in roleplaying their characters and furthering not only their individual goals, but the goals of the corporation.

And the goals are simple.
Black Scorpion Ltd wants to help CONCORD make EVE safer. Accordingly, it involves itself in anti-pirate activities in Empire space. However, this doesn't mean we just go around killing pirates in PVP (player vs player) actions. Black Scorpion is more than that. It's about helping those that need or ask for help.

Black Scorpion is there to help escort traders and miners through low security systems. To help rid systems of pirate activity. To help newcomers complete important missions. To help pod pilots improve their chances of finding success in this dangerous galaxy.

Members of Black Scorpion are 'brothers in arms', united in their goal of saving the galaxy, one system at a time. Each member, from the new recruit to the CEO himself, plays a very important part in the achievement of Black Scorpion Ltd's goals. As such, Black Scorpion Ltd wants only those who are committed to the idea of ridding the galaxy of the thieves, the scumbags, the lowest dregs of all the races.
So I'm looking for pilots who want to help. If that means you, get in touch with me and we'll talk about your interest.

I built this blog today to help document the activities of myself and my corporation. To the right there, you can see a list of links to my corp website and recruitment post. You can also see a list of corporations in EVE that are allied to Black Scorpion Ltd, along with a link to their website (if they have one).

I hope that this blog will have some interesting stories on it for you to read in the months and maybe years to come.


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