Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I don't know if trading is the bane of my existence, or if it's the saviour of it. Time will tell, I'm sure. However, last night was just damned infuriating. It was my first adventure into trading. And let me tell you what I learnt.

1. I learnt what 'min volume' means, and how to look out for it. I bought 9,000 units of Quafe and shipped them to where I could sell them for a nice profit. Except they didn't want them at that price unless it was for a minimum of 39,000 units. So I sold all of them for less than what I paid for one of them, not realising until after the sale went ahead that the 216 ISK was actually for the total, rather than per unit. I lost a million ISK on the deal.

2. I learnt what 'quantity' means, and how to look out for it. I bought another 9,000 units of Mechanical Parts and shipped them to where I could sell them for a nice profit. Except they didn't want 9,000 units. They only wanted 12 units. Every time I sold 12 units, the price dropped. I did this 3 times before I could see this was just stupid, and I worked out what was happening. So I dumped them in the hangar, leaving them there to sell another time. You could probably say I was a little peeved by this point, having spent

3. With all my newfound knowledge about trading gained by the previous two attempts, I looked very closely at the market. I looked closely at the items available. I looked closely at the sale price and the buying price. I looked closely at the 'min volume' and the 'quantity'. Min volume was 1, and the quantity desired was 14,000. I purchased 9,000 and carefully made my way to the system. Upon arriving there, I discovered that the desired quantity had changed to 12. In fact, the desired quantity all throughout the region was 12. With a great scream of despair, and a lot of cursing and kicking of pod walls, I vowed never to come back to trading ever again, stating to anyone that was in comms range how much of a piece of crap trading was.

My score for the night's effort of trading was one million ISK LOST, and 7 million ISK spent but nothing to show for it. I logged out of my pod and went to sleep, dreaming about strangling whoever invented trading.

After waking up, I warily re-entered the Industrial, sitting there in the hangar. I warmed up the engines while checking the market. Finding that there was somewhere in 0.5 space that would buy 14,000 units of my mechanical parts, I made the 13 jumps there, hoping that they still wanted that many by the time I got there. They did, and I was happy to get rid of my load of 9,000 mechanical parts. Being mechanical, I knew they wouldn't mind if I gave them a decent kick on the way out the door. Damn, that felt so good.

So in the end, I made about 800k profit on that deal. Tonight I'll be returning to the hangar where I dumped the other load of mechanical parts, and I'll go sell that too.

Trading sucks. But damn, there's a lot of money to be made from it! When you can get past the annoying learning curve, that is....

I'm doing this for a goal. To get my Thorax Cruiser up and going, and then I'll be kicking arse and chewing bubble gum again! Yeah!


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