Thursday, August 31, 2006

Attack of the Vagabond

I'll get onto the Vagabond soon... First, I want to talk about how my corporation has developed over the past couple of weeks. It's been quite spectacular!

In about a month I managed to get it from 4 members to 32 members. That's almost 1 new member per day. Holy crap! That's pretty impressive, if I do say so myself. Apparently the drawcard for my success has been due to a number of friends from Purify and Knights Justicar who have left their recommendations on my recruitment thread. I've been getting the idea that such recommendations are few and far between, so they've added extra weight to the recruitment campaign. Thank you to all of you who have helped my corp grow, I really appreciate your assistance.

Thirty two members. That's pretty amazing, and I'm surprised it's happened so fast. One of my major goals for the corp was to have 30 members by the 1st of November, so I'm already two months ahead of schedule with that. Now to just get the rest of my corp goals achieved quickly too!

I've got some excellent members who have stepped up to the plate to do what they can to help the corp grow and achieve those goals. Kaenon Steel, the Chief of Security. Drunasis Prime, the Security XO. Xing Ye, the Chief of Support, and just recently, Bonesinger, the Support XO. There's also been Tyr Mjolnir, the Chief Mining Officer. All of these people have stepped forward to take leadership roles and not only do what they love doing, but do it for the corp. I can't express how grateful I am at their efforts to help the corp.

Kaenon Steel is, I believe, a major coup for the corp. He is good friends with Vance Avalon, a highly skilled and famous pirate hunter. He has the same knowledge as Vance, and as my Chief of Security, he is invaluable for the corp's Security efforts. Which leads me onto the Vagabond...

Our first real Security Operation, with Kaenon leading us, started off clearing out the Angel cartel ships from asteroid belts in Atlar, a 0.4 system. However, it was pretty hot there, with a few Outlaws hanging around, and because most of us were new to fighting and didn't have the experience or the ships, it was decided we'd move to a system that had less Outlaws in it. We moved to Illamur, the next system along. This was a 0.3 system, but had next to no Outlaws in it at all.

We continued ratting, and while doing so, seemed to be watched by someone on the periphery of the asteroid belt. Their sec status was high-ish, so we didn't think much of it. However, suddenly a Vagabond warped into the belt and immediately attacked us. It was likely that the first guy was scouting for the Vagabond pilot, who had decided that we were probably easy pickings. He also had a high-ish security status of 0.3, but that didn't seem to stop him from engaging in an act of piracy.

As Zyax and his Stabber came under attack from the Vagabond, Kaenon rallied us all together to engage Switchbl4d3, the Vagabond's pilot. Those with EW capability were using it, while the rest were engaging with their weapons. I was one of those with EW.

I was flying the Maulus, a frigate that was completely unlike the Tristan I know and love. Where the Tristan is all about armour tanking and delivering a high rate of explosive firepower with its blasters and rocket launchers, the Maulus was setup up purely as a sensor dampening ship. No armour tanking, and no great onslaught of weaponry. With 3 sensor dampeners, however, it was a deadly support ship against any opponent.

Zyax lost his Stabber as it erupted in a large explosion, but by this time the Vagabond was unable to get an effective lock on anyone else. It was dampened, jammed, scrambled and webbed. It wasn't going anywhere, and it wasn't able to get a lock on anyone. We continued our own onslaught against it, and it was helpless against us! It took a little while to get through its shields, but sitting there, helpless, it was soon another expanding cloud of gas and debris, mixing with the remains of the Stabber.

With great whoops of excitement, our Chief of Security was telling us all what a fantastic kill that was. Apparently Vagabonds are extremely tough to pin down and destroy, and we had done exactly that. If we were veterans, it seems that we would have run in all directions, screaming like little girls with our panties pulled down.

Our experience has shown us that we need never run when we stand united.

We gathered up the loot from the shattered ships and made our way back to HQ, congratulating ourselves on a job well done. Things looked very good indeed for our future as an anti-pirate corporation. But we couldn't have done it without the fantastic leadership of Kaenon Steel, so hats off to him. Thank you, and well done to everyone involved!

I'll have some more updates in future, when more interesting and exciting things occur.


Blogger Krist Valentine said...

Nice story - shame it's about you and like 5 guys with some electronic warfare on one guy :(

But still, a vagabond - nice killmail!

By the way, dunno what you were talking about with Kaenon being your 'coup'...:

A coup d'état (pronounced 'kū dā ta'), or simply a 'coup', is the sudden overthrow of a government, usually done by a small group that just replaces the top power figures. It is different from a revolution, which is staged by a larger group and radically changes the political system. The term is French for "a sudden stroke, or blow, of a state". ...

9/01/2006 11:10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Krist, but a 'coup' is also defined as:

a brilliant and notable success.


9/01/2006 11:27:00 AM  
Blogger Krist Valentine said...

Ah, didn't know that definition :P

9/04/2006 08:36:00 PM  

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